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DIY Pichu for cracked heels. This is a simple home therapy for cracked heels and dried skin. . One of the most common cause of cracked heels is due to lack of moisture in the skin under your feet, leading to dryness, roughness and easily chapped skin. There is significantly less amount of fats tissues around your heels areas, and fat tissues support the skin to remain soft and supple. Pressure transmitted down to the heels, coupled with dryness, causes the skin to become fragile, leading to breakage. . Pichu is an ayurvedic treatment where we soak thick pieces of cotton into warm herbal oil and cover affected areas. The patch can be kept for 15 to 30 mins, or overnight to enhance the absorption of herbal oil into the deeper layers of tissue. By using Pichu therapy, we instil the moisture back into dried up tissues around the heels area. . Items needed: cotton pads, coconut oil, lavender oil (or any aromatic essential oil) . 🍀Place about 3 pieces of cotton pads into a microwave safe bowl 🍀Scope about 2 teaspoon of coconut oil 🍀Drip about 3 drops of essential oil 🍀Place bowl into microwave, heat for about 30 secs to 1 min, under the mixture is melted and warm (but not hot to touch) 🍀Make sure the cotton pads are evenly soaked . 🍀Spread the warm oil-soaked cotton pads on the affected area 🍀And wrap the affected area with cling wrap or other waterproof materials (to prevent leakage) 🍀You can also wear socks on top of it to ensure that the wrap is secure 🍀Keep it for at least 30 mins, or overnight for optimal results When done, unwrap and massage the remaining oil into skin

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